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Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors®

Online Learning

GCAAR is offering online continuing education as allowed by the Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia Real Estate Commissions for the duration of the state of emergencies. At this time, all GCAAR classes are real-time and taught virtually by GCAAR instructors via the Zoom platform. As these are live, monitored classes, testing is not required to receive credit. 

**In order to get any credit for attending your virtual CE classes, you must do the following, per real estate commission rules:**

  • Be ON TIME.
  • Have a functioning webcam.
  • Be visible AT ALL TIMES.

Our full calendar can be found here.

New to Zoom? Tutorials are here to help!

Not sure how to join a video conference or virtual class in Zoom? Or are you unsure about how to use the meeting tools after you join? Here is a tutorial to help make your experience more seamless.

In addition, GCAAR hosts Zoom trainings on the 1st Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. Learn the basics of Zoom so you’re ready to go for your next GCAAR class or event! 

The CE Shop

The CE Shop partners with GCAAR to provide on-demand online education.  

Course time limits

Courses must successfully be completed within one (1) year of purchase by the student. Successful completion includes receiving a passing grade on the final exam. You will receive credit toward your license renewal for the licensing cycle in which you successfully complete the final exam.


Students must complete the instructional module or modules and receive a passing grade of 70% or higher on a final examination. If the student fails initially to achieve a passing score on a final examination, the student shall successfully pass the examination within one (1) calendar month from the time the first final exam was taken to use the course for continuing education credit. For example, if you first take the final exam on July 15 and do not receive a passing grade, you have until August 15 to retake and pass the exam