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Call for Action: Do NOT Raise Recordation Taxes for Montgomery County Homebuyers!
Montgomery County President Nancy Floreen introduced a bill on April 19 to raise recordation taxes on all home purchases and refinances in the County. Time is of the essence. A hearing is scheduled for May 10 with plans for approval a week later. Take action now! Call or email the Council today and tell them to oppose the tax increase. Read GCAAR's position.

Arm Your Clients Against Wire Fraud
Scammers are using a common scheme to steal money from your clients. View the video for tips on how your clients can protect themselves.

Take Survey and Improve MRIS' Green Field Options
Help GCAAR's Green Subcommittee by completing a short five question survey about the green fields that were incorporated into MRIS last summer. These green fields easily identify homes with environmental and energy efficient features, and assist with the advertisement of green real estate investments. Complete the survey by May 9. Thank you.

Doing Some Great Stuff? Tell Us About It!
Is there an accomplishment you're especially proud of? A goal you've recently achieved? Tell us about it! Email Communications a few lines about your accomplishment, along with a great photo, and we may feature you in an upcoming issue of our magazine, Capital Area REALTOR®.

Important Reminder: Please Renew Your SentriCards
You must physically renew (in a card reader) your SentriCards in order for the listing agents and sellers to be able to view/obtain the most recent up-to-date showing reports in their Lockbox Access logs. Questions? Contact Member Services.


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March/April 2016: Breaking the Mold - A YPN Exclusive >> Capital Area REALTOR® magazine

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