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This year's event

For the first time ever, REALTOR® Fest will be completely virtual in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, instead of having the entire event held over the course of one day, this year's REALTOR® Fest is spread over a full week, from July 20 through July 24.

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Members who attend each year will notice additional changes at REALTOR® Fest 2020, but many other facets are remaining the same: Members still have the opportunity to take all the CE classes they need, professional development options are available throughout the event and there are still chances to network with REALTORS® from all around the region.

There are also some exciting new additions this year. For example, make sure to join us at our lunch sessions each day at noon for exciting panels on a wide variety of topics, all complimentary with registration! We’ve created a calendar for you to check out all the excitement we have planned.

If you are interested in sponsoring REALTOR® Fest 2020, please see the sponsorship package or email

Latest updates

** In order to get any credit for attending your virtual REALTOR® Fest classes, you must have a functioning webcam and be visible AT ALL TIMES during each class.**


Registration is now live! Use the red button to the left to register.