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Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors®

SentriLock Resource Guide

We have compiled the below resource guide to provide some best practices, helpful tips and frequently asked questions. Please also take advantage of SentriLock resources.

If you do not see the answer to your question below, please contact SentriLock directly at 513.618.5800 or

Going cardless/SentriKey Real Estate app

SentriLock is going cardless starting in 2022, so please start getting comfortable with the SentriKey Real Estate app. You can download it for free from the App Store and Play Store, as well as on your Apple Watch. Use the same login credentials you use to log into the SentriLock website.

Here is a walkthrough of the SentriKey app, or try the training program. Not sure if you'll be able to access a lockbox without a SentriCard? Try one of these options

Whenever you log into your SentriKey app from a new mobile device, you will need to contact GCAAR to provide access. Simply call our Member Services team at 301.590.8769 or send us an email at and we'll be happy to help. Please note that you can only have two devices linked to your SentriKey account at a time.

Technical support and warranty questions

If you are having technical difficult, please contact SentriLock at 513.618.5800 or GCAAR cannot troubleshoot technical issues nor handle warranty questions.

Common answers and how to guides from SentriLock

Did you know SentriLock has how-to guides for many common questions? We have linked to a few below, but be sure to browse SentriLock’s YouTube page for more helpful tips and tricks. 

How to customize a lockbox

When placing a lockbox on a listing outside of the D.C. or Maryland area, you must customize your lockbox for the region to allow agents to access the home.

Learn how to customize a lockbox:

Transferring a lockbox between agents

Note:  GCAAR strongly discourages its members from purchasing non-Bluetooth lockboxes as SentriLock is transitioning to go cardless by 2022. Lockboxes that do not have Bluetooth functionality will require additional steps to use without the cards. 

In order to transfer ownership, the original owner should send an email to with the serial number(s) of the lockbox(es) to be transferred, as well as the name of the new owner. 

SentriLock access across the DMV

Your SentriLock access is dependent upon your real estate licenses, and you can always check your access by logging into your SentriLock account, clicking the settings icon, then clicking “Manage My Account.” Several areas, however, require special access. Please allow up to three business days for your reciprocity request to be process by the below areas. 

Use the below steps to gain access to the following areas: 

  • Garrett County Board of REALTORS®: Complete the reciprocity forms and return to the GCBR office. 
  • Cecil County Board of REALTORS®: Obtain the Cecil County Board of REALTORS® SentriLock Access Agreement form by calling CCBR at 410.398.4844, and submit completed form to CCBR. 
  • Coastal REALTORS® (Somerset, Wicomico, Worcester County, Maryland): Complete the  SentriLock Reciprocal Key Access Agreement Form. After completing your section, email the form to, then we will submit on your behalf. 
  • Virginia: Send an email to with your Virginia real estate license number.

Helpful tips

The Message Center: Don't ignore the messages in your SentriLock Message Center! That's where you'll find important information such as low battery notifications, outstanding bills and one-day codes.

Extend the life of your lockbox batteries: Did you know your lockbox batteries can last up to five years? Get the most out of them by closing the SentriLock lockbox key compartment while showing properties.

Are you having trouble accessing the key compartment of a non-Bluetooth lockbox using the SentriKey™ app? If so, try these steps: 

  1. In the app, tap Vie Nearby Properties 

  1. The Property List will be displayed. Tap the desired property or enter in the serial number of the lockbox at which you are located. 

  1. Enter your PIN or use Touch ID/Face ID 

  1. You’ll be given a code to enter on the lockbox keypad, which will open the lockbox 

  1. In the app on the Listing Detail screen, tap Done 

If the lockbox is not awake, you can insert any debit/credit card with a chip into the card insert of the lockbox. Once it wakes up, remove your card and proceed to enter in the code provided by the SentriKey™ app. 


If you do not see the answer to your question above, please contact SentriLock directly at 513.618.5800 or You can also reach out to GCAAR's Member Services team at 301.590.8769 or, but because SentriLock boxes and the SentriKey app are proprietary products, most questions will have to be answered by SentriLock directly.