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Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors®

You can also visit their support page for how-to videos, FAQs, and more. 

SentriLock tips

Purchasing a lockbox from another agent?

The previous owner can call SentriLock support at 513-618-5800 to transfer the lockbox to you. Alternatively, the previous owner can send an email to stating you are the new owner of the lockbox. Please make sure they provide the lockbox serial numbers in the email.

Having difficulties with your SentriLock® lockbox?

Please contact SentriLock® directly at 513-618-5800 to troubleshoot the problem. Because it is their product, they will be able to determine whether it is defective and if a replacement can be issued. 

Need to show properties in Garrett County, Cecil County, or Coastal area?

If you are licensed in Maryland, then you most likely have access to most areas on your SentriCard and/or SentriKey app. There are three areas, however, that you need to contact to gain access to their areas:

Garrett County (Garrett County Association of REALTORS®)

  • Click here to obtain their SentriLock Access Agreement form and Rules & Regulation of the SentriLock system
  • Forms need to be completed and sent back to GCBR

Coastal area (Coastal REALTORS®)

  • Click here to obtain their SentriLock Reciprocal Access Agreement Form
  • Complete the form and send to for us to complete our portion
  • Once we have completed the form, we will email it back to you as well as send to Coastal REALTORS®

Cecil County (Cecil County Board of REALTORS®)

  • You will need to either call Cecil County Board of REALTORS® at 410-398-4844 or email to request their SentriLock Access Agreement form.
  • Complete the form and send to for us to complete our portion
  • Once we have completed the form, we will email it back to you.

Please allow up to two business days to obtain access to these areas. Contact our Member Services team at 301-590-8769 with any questions.

Using your SentriKey app on a new phone

Don’t forget! You will need to contact GCAAR in order to use your SentriKey app on a new phone or other device. Please contact a Member Services Representative at 301-590-8769 or

Extend the life of your lockbox batteries

Make sure to close the SentriLock lockbox key compartment while showing properties. By doing this, your lockbox batteries can last up to five years!

Important SentriLock information

  • Please tell us what issues you're having with the SentriKey app. SentriLock is going cardless in 2021. Though we recommend you contact SentriLock directly to troubleshoot issues with their product, we’d like your feedback so that we can work with them to resolve these issues in advance. Please email to share any issues you have heard about. 

  • Also remember: Do NOT share SentriCard and SentriKey app credentials or loan them to anyone else! If these credentials are shared or loaned, SentriLock will revoke the access. Please remind your agents of this important policy.

Remember to customize your lockboxes! 

It is important that your lockboxes are customized to the state you show your properties so you and the lockbox owner both have access for seamless showings.

  1. Go to your SentriKey app 
  2. Click the hamburger menu in the left-hand corner  
  3. Click “My Lockboxes”  Click “Assign/Unassign Property”  
  4. The lockbox that you are trying to customize should show below. If not, you are able to put in the serial number in the search field.  
  5. Click the serial number of the lockbox you want to customize 
  6. Then “Select” a property you would like to assign that lockbox too.  
  7. The next screen will show all the regions you are able to customize your lockbox for  
  8. Once you have chosen one, click “Next” and then “Confirm” 

The Message Center

Did you know there are important messages in your SentriLock Message Center? System Notices remain there in the Message Center until an action is taken and/or completed. Notification Messages are removed after they are viewed.

Be sure to tap the Message Center Envelope at the bottom of the SentriKey app home screen to see these messages AND information on:

  • Agent fee bills
  • Low battery notifications
  • One day codes and more…

Be in the know, and don’t forget to look at your Message Center!

Be sure to connect your lockbox to your listing

To connect your lockbox to a listing, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your SentriLock account
  • Go to "My Lockboxes"
  • Click on the lockbox serial number that you would like to assign to your listing
  • Under Edit Lockboxes, you will see the lockbox serial number and Listing as unassigned
  • Press the "Select" button next to the Listing field

From there, you can use the Search Field Menu to locate the listing by the address, MLS number, or listing agent. Next: 

  • Click on the listing address and then click on submit changes
  • Lastly, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of your screen

Check areas your SentriKey app and/or SentriCard has access to, and how to request access

  • Log into your SentriLock account.
  • Click on the settings icon on the right-hand side by your name.
  • Go to “Manage My Account.”
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen to see which areas have check marks next to them. These are the areas you have access to.

To request access to Coastal REALTORS® or Garrett County Board of REALTORS®, you would need to complete their SentriLock reciprocity form. To request access to Virginia areas, please send an email to MemberServices@gcaar.comand provide us with your Virginia real estate license number. Approval of access from Virginia jurisdictions can take up to 72 business hours, so please plan in advance.



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