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Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors®

GCAAR expands eligibility for Emergency Relief Program

Since the launch of the GCAAR Cares Emergency Relief Program in summer 2020, we’ve provided financial assistance to a number of GCAAR members who have been personally affected by COVID-19. We are expanding the eligibility definition to help a broader range of individuals. The program is now open to GCAAR primary and affiliate members in good standing with GCAAR for a minimum of three of the last five years who have experienced a financial hardship related to the virus because of one or more of the following challenges:

  • You and/OR a family member contracted COVID-19;
  • you have a pre-existing condition (e.g. asthma, cancer, auto-immune disorder, etc.) identified by your medical professional that could be exacerbated by contracting COVID-19; or
  • you have other significant, disruptive and unusual familial obligations due to a COVID-19 diagnosis or fatality, such as funeral expenses, unexpected obligations to care for family members, etc. This excludes work challenges related to caring for children due to school closures.

In light of the extreme hardship posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, members who meet the criteria may apply for a second round of funding six months after receipt of the first round.

*You do not need to test positive for the coronavirus to be eligible for these benefits.*

If this definition pertains to you, please reach out for help and take advantage of this GCAAR member benefit! Read through the rest of this page for details on how to apply for this confidential program, which has already made a profound difference in some of your colleagues’ lives.

* Please note that these funds cannot be used to pay your GCAAR membership dues.

GCAAR member testimonials

"I had to choose between doctors' visits and buying food for my children."

One GCAAR member explains that he did not originally believe he qualified for the program, but is glad he applied.
"I needed the money because I contracted COVID-19. After my negative test, I ended up in a group titled the COVID long-haulers because of how the virus damaged my body. I have to have regular doctors' visits. Because of those visits and constant lab tests, my medical bills have been piling up. Before I got help from GCAAR, I had to choose between doctors' visits and buying food for my children." 

"All we can ask for... is an opportunity to receive assistance, no matter the outcome."

Recently, a GCAAR member whose father had died and whose mother had been diagnosed with dementia and COVID-19 was able to take advantage of the GCAAR Cares Emergency Relief Program.

“Sincerely, thank you for the opportunity. All we can ask for... is for an opportunity to receive assistance, no matter the outcome,” said the member. You do not need to test positive for the coronavirus to be eligible for these benefits. Find out how we can help you at

"GCAAR Cares came along and helped me to survive a little longer."

When COVID-19 began to spread around the country, one GCAAR member was advised by his doctor to quarantine. As a cancer survivor, he was at higher risk for negative effects from the coronavirus. “With unemployment about to run out and my savings going down each month,” the member says he was facing homelessness. “GCAAR Cares came along and helped me to survive a little longer. Thank you, all of you for reaching out to help others,” he says. 

“The GCAAR grant came at a time of great need for me.”

One GCAAR member was hospitalized for nine days when learned she had a rare blood cancer - putting her in the high-risk category for COVID-19. Read on for details about how the GCAAR Cares Emergency Relief Program was able to provide support. 

"My wellness and treatment had been my main focus and as such, business suffered and my savings was being depleted rapidly. When I saw the email from GCAAR about the grant I was excited and responded immediately. I truly appreciated the simplicity of the application process and the quickness in the decision-making. Thank you, GCAAR, for this grant program. This shows that you care about your members and our well-being, especially in this unprecedented time."

"I know a lot of people may be hurting worse than us, so it was hard to ask for help..."

A mom, wife and loyal GCAAR member and her family have unfortunately been directly affected by the pandemic, but we were able to offer aid in their time of need as part of this program.

“Covid-19 has placed physical, mental and financial hardships on us as a family, but we are very lucky that GCAAR has generously set up a grant to help financially if someone in your family contracts covid-19. The GCAAR Cares Emergency Relief Program was an easy and confidential process... I know a lot of people may be hurting worse than us, so it was hard to ask for help for medical and household expenses. We appreciate the financial assistance that the GCAAR Cares Emergency Relief program has provided us, and we really are thankful for their generosity during these unprecedented times.”

She thought twice about applying to the program because of the sensitivity around COVID-19. She felt as if there were others who needed help more than she did, but she was given reassurance that she could depend on her GCAAR family during a phase of life that created instant isolation for her family.

"To see that GCAAR was offering its members like myself...was nothing short of a sigh of relief."

One member was struggling during the pandemic to keep her mother and herself afloat when she saw the program could help her financially. “To see that GCAAR was offering its members like myself who have been experiencing somewhat of a rough time during this pandemic was nothing short of a sigh of relief. This assistance has been a breath of fresh air and has put me in a position to assist my mother who was affected by COVID-19 and has been unable to work her normal hours. I have been able to better sustain some of the needs of her house. GCAAR truly cares about their members, and if I never knew it before this emergency relief was proof!"  

"Knowing that someone is there helped us realize we are facing this pandemic together."

One GCAAR member recently told us about the positive impact the program has had for him personally, once he realized he met the qualifications for it: "GCAAR Cares helped me and my family when we were in the most difficult situation mentally, emotionally and financially. The pandemic affected my closest family member, my father. It was hard to see my mother suffering through the entire experience, too. GCAAR Cares helped us get going and gave my mother a gift of relief. Knowing that someone is there helped us realize we are facing this pandemic together. Thanks to GCAAR Cares!”

GCAAR is here to help

We’re living through a very unique, unusual time in history, and life looks a lot different now than it did just a few months ago. The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live and work in our community as we try to keep each other safe and well. For individuals or their family members who have contracted COVID-19 or been directly affected by it, we understand the effects can be personally and financially devastating.

That’s why GCAAR developed the GCAAR Cares Emergency Relief Program (GCERP) for our GCAAR members as well as employees.

Eligible individuals can apply for between $500 and $3,000 to help if you’re having trouble paying for health or medical needs, such as medical bills or prescriptions, family emergencies such as housing, memorials or other vital necessities for your well-being.

Our 2020 president, Danai Mattison Sky, describes the program in the following video:

To ensure the utmost confidentiality of those who apply, we’ve enlisted the help of a third-party organization to administer and fulfill the program: Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB) reviews the applications, determines eligibility and distributes the funds.

How to apply

To apply for the program, please email to indicate your interest. This is a confidential email address, and it will be used ONLY so that GCAAR can confirm your eligibility for the program and to connect you with CAAB to begin the application process. 

At GCAAR, we’re committed to providing the resources that all of you, as part of our REALTOR® family, need to succeed. And in these difficult times, this program helps us continue to deliver on that purpose.