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Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors®

Request for Ombudsman Service

Return to: profstds@gcaar.comQuestions? Call 301.590.8774

All information on this form is confidential.  The Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORS will destroy this form and any other documents and materials pertaining to this matter at the conclusion of the ombudsman services.

NOTE:  If you are a party in a contract (Buyer/Seller) and you have issues with the other party (Buyer/Seller), please contact O.M. Services (888-412-6740) directly to handle public contractual disputes between parties (Buyer/Seller) in the contract.

NOTE:  If NONE of the parties are members of the REALTOR organization, please contact the Maryland Real Estate Commission (410-230-6230) or the District of Columbia Real Estate Commission (202-442-4320) for further assistance.

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#P2- August 2016