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Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors®



The Communications Committee reviews and recommends communication methods and contributes content for print and online communications.  

Members must attend monthly meetings as needed.  “Homework” between meetings may include brainstorming content, reviewing materials, or writing articles. Contact staff liaison Bobette Banks.

Chair: Tina Del Casale
Vice Chair: Avi Adler

Community Service

The Community Service Committee, GCAAR Cares, gives REALTORS® the opportunity to meet, network, and work together on projects that benefit the greater community. The committee raises money for the GCAAR Cares fund, runs the charitable grant program, and recognizes members who contribute to the community.  

Members must attend monthly meetings, participate in at least one subcommittee, and participate in at least one volunteer activity supported by GCAAR. Contact staff liaison Bill Highsmith.

Chair: JD Teitelman
Vice Chair: Samantha Damato


The Education Committee provides members with the resources, education, and training necessary to advance the careers of REALTORS® by suggesting topics and speakers for continuing education and professional development classes.

Members must attend 4-6 full committee meetings each and participate in one subcommittee as needed. Contact staff liaison Mark Glazer.

Chair: Dana Hill
Vice Chair: Chad Older


The Events Committee solicits and secures sponsors for GCAAR's annual education summit REALTOR® Fest, and plans and executes Association events.

Members must attend monthly meetings and participate in at least one subcommittee.  Contact staff liaison Mark Glazer.

Chair: Kerry Roth
Vice Chair: Fred Dorsey


The Forms Committee (formerly the Contracts and Clauses Committee) reviews the Association's current forms, makes recommendations or revisions, and creates new forms as needed (determined by market conditions and changing regulations).  REALTOR® members must have been in the business since at least January 1, 2014 in order to qualify for the 2017 committee.  They must demonstrate extensive experience with GCAAR forms as evidenced by transaction counts over the past three years, or in the case of the broker/manager or team leader/trainer, the number of transactions processed in the office or by the team. Prior experience on another GCAAR committee is preferred but not required. Contact staff liaison Katalin Peter.

Chair: Jason Sherman
Vice Chair: Susann Haskins

The Grievance Committee is the Grand Jury for ethics complaints and arbitration requests. The committee reviews documents filed in ethics complaints and arbitration requests and determines whether to forward cases to the Professional Standards Committee for hearings.

Members must attend monthly meetings for a three-year term. “Homework” between meetings includes reading and analyzing cases filed and attending the professional standards training seminar in January.  Contact staff liaison Yvette Robinson.

Chair: Luis Martins
Vice Chair: Joyce Gardner
Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Committee members sit on hearing panels for cases involving Code of Ethics violations, as well as contractual and specific non-contractual disputes.

Members must attend quarterly training meetings and serve on hearing panels as necessary. Contact staff liaison Yvette Robinson.

Chair:  Anne Killeen
Vice Chair: James Higgins
Property Management

The Property Management Committee reviews the association's current standardized property management forms and makes recommendations on revisions and creates new property management forms as needed (determined by market conditions and changing regulations). 

Members must attend monthly meetings. “Homework” between meetings may include reading, proofing, or editing forms. Contact staff liaison Yvette Robinson.

Chair: Shahnaz Tehraniazad
Vice Chair: Cynthia Davis
Public Policy (Montgomery County)

The Public Policy committee discusses the impact of proposed legislative and regulatory changes on real estate business and the housing market and recommends support for or against proposed legislative and regulatory changes. 

Members must attend monthly meetings, participate in county or state task forces, and attend hearings. Contact staff liaison Katalin Peter.

Chair: Peg Mancuso
Vice Chair: Debbie Benkert
Political and Campaign Affairs

The Political and Campaign Affairs Committee raises funds for candidates and campaigns that support the industry. Contact staff liaisons Ed Krauze or Katie Maclure.

Young Professional's Network (YPN)

The Young Professional's Network (YPN) Committee selects topics, speakers, and locations for quarterly events and solicits and secures sponsors. 

Members must attend quarterly meetings and call-in for monthly meetings, solicit speakers and sponsors between meetings, and attend quarterly YPN events. 
Contact staff liaison Amy Warren.  For more information, visit them at

Chair: Harrison Beacher
Vice Chair: Jake Ryon