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Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors®

Montgomery County/Maryland Public Policy

GCAAR is your eyes, ears, and voice in Montgomery County when it comes to regulations and legislation that affect your business. From proposals to tax commissions to sign regulations and everything in between, GCAAR represents your interests when issues like these come before the Montgomery County Council

GCAAR released the following statement in response to the Montgomery County Council's vote to approve the FY '24 operating budget, which includes a 4.7% property tax increase.

"During the last few weeks, GCAAR has mobilized its members and Montgomery County residents to push back on County Executive Marc Elrich’s bloated budget proposal and the massive 10% property tax increase he’d like to use to pay for it. As a result of the work done by GCAAR and our campaign teams, thousands of residents sent councilmembers more than 43,000 emails in opposition to the increase.

“While we are relieved to see the Montgomery County Council reject the county executive’s 10% tax increase, we believe there is more work to be done to better prepare for our county’s future and its fiscal outlook.

“The councilmembers and their staff did an incredible amount of work to bring the proposed budget under control and lower the county executive’s proposed tax increase down to 4.7%. We especially want to recognize Council Vice President Andrew Friedson and Councilmembers Gabe Albornoz, Marilyn Balcombe and Dawn Luedtke for their fiscal stewardship on behalf of Montgomery County residents."

Read the full statement here.

GCAAR issued a statement in response to the Montgomery County Council's vote on Tuesday, May 9, to increase recordation tax rates.

“When this proposal was first introduced, GCAAR stated that hiking recordation taxes, when combined with all-time high real estate prices and increased interest rates, will put homeownership further out of reach for the average person. We stand by that assessment.

“This week, the Montgomery County Council didn’t just vote to increase recordation taxes, they voted to make housing less affordable. Council President Evan Glass and Councilmembers Natali Fani-González, Will Jawando, Sidney Katz, Kristin Mink, Laurie-Anne Sayles and Kate Stewart all supported this increase, which will amount to up to 30% more in recordation tax being paid by a homebuyer at the settlement table."

Read the full statement here.

On May 18, the Montgomery County Council will hold a preliminary vote on County Executive Marc Elrich’s Fiscal Year 2024 budget – and it includes a property tax hike. Increasing property taxes will:

  • Drive up the cost of living for residents, especially seniors;
  • Further increase the rising cost of housing; and
  • Hamper economic growth.

Use this handy property tax calculator to find out how much his tax increase will cost you.


Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education Candidate Forum

On October 19, GCAAR hosted a forum for Montgomery County Board of Education candidates. The event provided GCAAR members with the opportunity to hear how the candidates would tackle the most pressing issues facing the school system. Participating candidates included:

At-Large – Karla Silverstre and Mike Erickson
District 1 – Grace Rivera Oven and Esther Wells
District 3 – Julie Yang and Scott Joftus
District 5 – Brenda Wolff and Valerie Coll


      Montgomery County legislative priorities