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Continuing Education (CE) Classes
DC Fair Housing and Predatory Lending 3.0 CEU — DC required hours
This course will review federal, state, and local fair housing laws in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas. For MD and VA licensees looking to get their DC license, this is the class you must take before sitting for the law portion of the DC salesperson exam.

DC Legislative Update 3.0 CEU — DC required hours

This course will review a number of laws governing the rights of landlords and tenants in the District of Columbia, including: DC Residential Real Property Seller Disclosure Act, DC Licensure Law, DC Agency, Code of Ethics, Tenancy, Rental Housing Act, and the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA).

Financing Issues / Update 3.0 CEU — DC required hours
3.0 CEU — VA & MD (Category F) elective hours
This course provides a general understanding of the changes, updates and current issues affecting the sale and financing of real estate in today's distressed market. This course will assist agents in identifying: key market indicators, steps for maneuvering through distressed transactions, fraudulent transactions, and financing solutions for abused properties. Students will learn about current mortgage guidelines, including how short sales and foreclosures affect one's credit and ability to purchase a home. Students will leave with an understanding of DC mortgage financing laws and available mortgage programs.

Maryland Code of Ethics & Predatory Lending 3.0 CEU — MD required (Category D) & DC elective hours
Under all is the Code. Since 1913, the Code of Ethics has continually raised the bar as to what it means to be a real estate professional. This course will review the seventeen Articles that comprise the current Code. It will also look at the topic of predatory lending and how it relates to the Code. This class fulfills the NAR Ethics requirement which mandates that all REALTORS® complete an ethics training of no less than two hours and 30 minutes. As of January 1, 2017, NAR requires that an Ethics class be completed every two years (instead of every four years).

Maryland Fair Housing 1.5 CEU — MD required (Category C) & DC elective hours
This course will discuss the classes on a federal, state, and local level. This class meets the 1.5 Fair Housing CE hours required for all Maryland residential real estate license renewals.

2011 - 2015 Maryland Legislative Update 3.0 CEU — MD required (Category A) & DC elective hours

Every year, enacted legislation by Federal, state, and local legislatures profoundly affects the transfer of real property. REALTORS® must become and remain informed about these changes. This course is designed to break-down the legislative process and detail recent enactments and court cases that impact the business of selling real estate.

MREC Agency - Residential 3.0 CEU — MD required (Category H) & DC elective hours
This course will analyze, in a way never considered before, the law of agency under Maryland law. Topics will include Maryland's presumption of buyer agency; dual agency; intra-company agents; duties owed by a licensee to both a client and to the non-client; confidential facts; and the new Agency Disclosure Form.

New Member Orientation 3.0 CEU — MD required (Category D) & DC elective hours
All new REALTOR® members are required to take New Member Orientation and Ethics training. We're offering it at REALTOR® Fest! New members - please visit the GCAAR office to sign up.

Virginia Ethics 3.0 CEU — VA required & DC elective hours
We will discuss the purpose, nature and history of Ethics as it relates to real estate. We will review the most violated of the 17 articles of the Code of Ethics and we will discuss risk management and how to avoid issues.

Virginia Fair Housing 2.0 CEU — VA required & DC elective hours
Real estate professionals have a responsibility to know and understand the applicable fair housing and civil rights laws governing the workplace and our personal conduct. The public expects and deserves competent actions based upon thorough knowledge. However, federal definitions of "protected classes" expand and change. We will learn about and review protected classes and fair housing laws throughout this course, we will become better equipped to act with honesty, competence, and intelligence in serving clients and customers.
Professional Development Classes
DC Law Prep Course NO CEUs
Are you a licensed Maryland or Virginia sales agent, who has decided that 2017 is the year that you want to be a licensed salesperson in DC? GCAAR is offering you the chance to sit through a class to get you ready to take the DC salesperson exam. This class does not fulfill the education or experience requirement, but offers you the chance to discuss the law portion of the exam and what to expect when you sit for the exam.

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