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Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors®

GCAAR Recognition Award winners - 2022 transactions

Small Team Winners

(2-3 agents)


(At least $30,000,000 in volume or 60 transactions.)

Atlas Group

Clark & Carle Group of Compass

Jennifer Chow Group

The Jeweler Burton Group

The Lynne Tucker Group of Compass

Maya&Kate Team

The Meg & Alison Team

Mynor and Associates

Perennial Real Estate

Team Koki


(At least $20,000,000 in volume or 50 transactions.)

Brito Associates

Cahill Tully Crossland

Metro DC Houses Team


(At least $10,000,000 in volume or 40 transactions.)

Berger Sandler

Evans Legacy Group

The Padilla Team

Sondra & Pam Team of Compass

Stacy & Kathleen Team

Vista Properties Group