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Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors®

GCAAR's Diversity & Inclusion Champions

How do I tell GCAAR that I've completed the requirements to become a D&I Champion?

As you complete each element of the program, visit, click "My Account" to log in, then:

  • Under My Profile Account, go to Update Personal Information and find the List Maker option toward the bottom.
  • Under the “Diversity & Inclusion Champion” area, select “add item” and the tasks you have completed. Then click “Submit.”

Once GCAAR has verified that you’ve completed all three elements of the program, our Member Services team will email you to provide the “I’m a GCAAR Diversity & Inclusion Champion” badge, with four different designs to choose from to use in your email signature or other marketing initiatives showing your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

When you've completed the program, you can choose your favorite from among the badges below to use for your personal marketing purposes.


Badge_white-sample Badge_rainbow-sample
Badge_gradient-sample Badge_all-sample


* Based on the Fair Housing Challenge presented by NAR President Charlie Oppler.