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See the list of GCAAR D&I Champions.

As your REALTOR® association, we’re doing our part to identify opportunities for diversity and inclusion conversation and education – and to promote the practice of inclusion and equity among our leadership, members, staff and within the industry.

With this in mind, our Diversity & Inclusion Committee has established GCAAR’s Diversity & Inclusion Champions Program to give participants the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion and achieve personal growth and support your business.

The program features three key diversity training elements, which we encourage all interested members to take part in:

Who can participate?

We welcome all GCAAR members to complete this program. And if you’re planning to apply for GCAAR’s Board of Directors or want to become a committee chair or vice chair, take note: Beginning with the 2023 board nomination process and selection of committee members, applicants will be required to complete this program. For 2022, applicants who have completed the program will be given strong preference.

How do I access the program?

While GCAAR encourages AHWD certification through NAR, it is not required as part of the GCAAR Diversity & Inclusion Champions Program. Certification is, however, available at a discounted rate of $40 (from $75) and is a great REALTOR® marketing tool.

You can access NAR's Fairhaven and Bias Override training video at any time that’s convenient for you. Fairhaven is a self-guided tour that takes less than two hours to complete, and the Bias Override video is 53 minutes long. Any affiliate/non-REALTOR® members who want to take the Fairhaven training, please email to receive the special access code. Upon Fairhaven completion, non-REALTOR® members will receive an e-certificate of completion from NAR.


Get started today

As you complete each element of the program, visit, click "My Account" to log in, then:

  • Under My Profile Account, go to Update Personal Information and find the List Maker option toward the bottom.
  • Under the “Diversity & Inclusion Champion” area, select “add item” and the tasks you have completed. Then click “Submit.”

Once GCAAR has verified that you’ve completed all three elements of the program, our Member Services team will email you to provide the “I’m a GCAAR Diversity & Inclusion Champion” badge, with four different designs to choose from to use in your email signature or other marketing initiatives showing your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

When you've completed the program, you can choose your favorite from among the badges below to use for your personal marketing purposes.








* Based on the Fair Housing Challenge presented by NAR President Charlie Oppler.