Technology Helpline

What does the Technology Helpline offer REALTORS®?

  • As a new member service, it's FREE! 
  • Real, live people - not an automated system - are on hand to answer your questions.
  • When a technology crisis hits, getting help quickly and easily can make a difference to your bottom line - the sooner the problem is resolved, the sooner you're back in business.
  • Since the service comes from DCAR, you know that the experts offering technology advice are representing your best interests-not trying to push a specific product.
  • And, as a DCAR service, those operating the Technology Helpline understand the real estate business.

Call the District of Columbia Association of REALTORS® Technology Helpline
toll-free at 1.866.829.1436,
Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

Call now - DCAR's new Technology Helpline is up & running. Operators are standing by to answer questions.

When technology becomes a problem rather than a solution, turn to the District of Columbia Association of REALTORS® Technology Helpline. Instant Access to a Live Expert – Once you call the Technology Helpline, you’ll be immediately connected to a live expert who will provide instant assistance with your technical difficulties. Just dial 1.866.829.1436 for help when you encounter glitches with your PDA, printer, digital camera, MS Office software, Internet access and more. They will also offer advice on troubles involving various operating systems, such as Windows, Macintosh, Lotus or Palm Pilot.

Still, sometimes even the most advanced computer system or programming software can develop an annoying glitch -- creating a potential for delays that can cost real estate professionals money, time and customers. So where can a REALTOR® turn for assistance with technological traumas? Just phone home: Call the District of Columbia Association of REALTORS® new Technology Helpline toll-free at 1.866.829.1436 to speak with an expert on how to resolve that computer crash.